Updated: 2011-10-19 07:55

(China Daily)

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A very touching story

Comment on "HIV victim's family fights for burns aid" (China Daily, Sept 21)

The last sentence in the article was touching: "Deng, who has hepatitis B, met Wang through the Internet in 2009 and said he knew she had HIV before the couple wed a year later."

What a great man and how deep is their love! It reminded me of a Chinese movie, Love for Life, which tells the story of the love and life of HIV/AIDS patients.

According to the news report, many hospitals refused to treat Wang after her blood test showed she was HIV positive.

They said they couldn't treat her at the cost of risking the lives of other patients who could be infected by the deadly virus.

I couldn't help but ask how medical staff members could deal with life this way.

In reality, HIV/AIDS patients still face discrimination.

Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS sufferers are patients who need medical treatment. The most essential help we can give them is to treat them as equals. They deserve equal treatment and should enjoy equal rights in other fields as well.

Weiyanghuaduo, via e-mail

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(China Daily 10/19/2011 page9)