Zhejiang featured in cable TV video

Updated: 2016-08-26 11:58

By China Daily in New York(China Daily USA)

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Zhejiang featured in cable TV video

Screenshot of the Zhejiang video loops on CNBC America and Europe channels, playing since Aug 12. Judy Zhu / For China Daily

A video clip showcasing the beauty and development of Zhejiang, one of China's southern provinces and the host site of the coming G20 summit 2016 on Sep 4 and 5, is playing on CNBC channels in primetime for a month. It is expected to garner 3 billion views.

The 60-second video displays how the serenity of Zhejiang nurtures an ecosystem of innovation and vibrant creativity, and Hangzhou, its capital, is ready to roll out the red carpet for the first-ever G20 hosted in China.

As China prepares for the event, the world is watching to see how China will lead the summit to success. The video, created by CNBC's Catalyst Content Studio, scans through the province highlighting some of its finest attractions.

From famous sights like the Qiantang River and the West Lake to the headquarters of internet giants like Alibaba, the video shows how Zhejiang has built its legacy on a long history of commerce and seafaring and developed into a vast modern hub of technology, import and export.

"As tea flows from the pot and warms the soul, as a lake massages the shores and nourishes the well-being of those who seek its serenity, Hangzhou is an ecosystem built for the future," the voiceover says.

Aside from being Zhejiang's economic, cultural, technological and educational center, Hangzhou has also played a key role in China's Yangtze River Delta for more than 2,000 years.

"I think it's great to see another side of China," said Jaime Brett, 26, a media studies student at New York University from Ohio. "When we think of China, we tend to think of the Great Wall, pandas, Shanghai's skyline, but not a scenic city like Hangzhou. I think the video is perfect at showing us the diversity of China's cities."

Jeff rey Bao, 24, a marketing assistant in New York, was born and raised in Hangzhou. He said the video made him homesick.

Judy Zhu in New York contributed to this story.