Sentence cut for bin Laden's cook

2011-02-11 07:44:32

Osama bin Laden's former cook had his Guantanamo prison sentence cut on Wednesday to two years from 14, under a plea agreement that remains secret, the Pentagon said.

Obama calls for credible path in Egypt toward democracy

2011-02-11 09:59:01

US President Barack Obama said on Thursday night that the Egyptian government must put forward "a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy."

King warned Obama Saudi could fund Egypt

2011-02-10 16:59:59

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah told US President Barack Obama that his country would prop up Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak if the United States withdrew its aid program.

US unveils new National Military Strategy

2011-02-09 08:53:31

US top military officer on Tuesday unveiled the 2011 National Military Strategy, the first revision since 2004 of the ways and means that the military will advance US national interests.

Cuba charges US man with spying

2011-02-05 09:52:17

Cuban prosecutors were seeking 20 years' jail for US contractor Phillip Alan Gross on charges of espionage, an official release said here Friday.

US, Canada agree to improve border security

2011-02-05 08:47:44

The United States and Canada agreed on Friday to improve border security to make it secure and smooth for better flow of goods and services.

US-Egypt discuss Mubarak quitting

2011-02-04 11:09:17

The US is discussing with Egyptian officials the immediate resignation of Mubarak as one of several scenarios for a transition of power, a US official said.
1,848 Chinese brought home from Egypt

Rumsfeld defends handling of Iraq war in new book

2011-02-03 15:09:18

Former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld concludes in his new autobiography that the war in Iraq has been worth the cost and remains largely unapologetic about his handling of the conflict.

US healthcare law suffers second legal setback

2011-02-01 11:26:41

A federal judge in US state of Florida on Monday ruled the healthcare law unconstitutional, dealing a second legal blow to President Obama's signature reform legislation after a Virginian judge stroke down a core provision of the law last month.

White House: US envoy to leave China post

2011-02-01 08:33:12

US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman has advised officials that he intends to leave the post during the first part of this year.

Obama: Iraq war ending, transition in Afghanistan

2011-01-26 13:05:29

US President Barack Obama says the Iraq war is coming to an end and the drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan will begin in July.

Obama backs spending freeze, calls for unity

2011-01-26 12:52:50

U.S. President Barack Obama proposed a five-year freeze on some government spending and warned of painful cuts ahead on Tuesday in a centrist speech designed to prove he has fiscal discipline and can work with resurgent Republicans.