US to boost military in Europe

Updated: 2014-06-04 06:51

(China Daily)

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US to boost military in Europe

US President Barack Obama raises his glass in a toast during the Solidarity Dinner at the Royal Palace in Warsaw June 3, 2014. Beside Obama is Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski. [Photo/Agencies]

US President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that the United States plans to boost its military presence in Europe in response to growing tensions between Russia and its European neighbors.

Standing next to Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, Obama said Washington would rotate more troops into the region and called on Congress to provide up to $1 billion to support the effort.

"Under this effort, and with the support of Congress, the United States will preposition more equipment in Europe," Obama said at Warsaw's Belweder Palace.

Obama's announcement came at the start of a three-country swing through Europe. The White House said the funding would be used to increase military exercises and training missions, as well as rotations of air and ground forces, on the continent.

Officials said Obama was also seeking to increase US Navy participation in NATO deployments in the Black and Baltic Seas, plus working to boost the military capacity of non-NATO countries that sit on Russia's border, including Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.