Russia, China help stabilize global situation

Updated: 2015-02-28 09:37


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MOSCOW - International cooperation between Russia and China contributes to global stability and the formation of new world order, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

"In general, Russia's cooperation with China on foreign issues . an important stabilizing factor in the current complicated international situation," Lavrov said here in a speech at the Diplomatic Academy.

The minister highlighted the two countries' joint efforts in promotion of noninterference foreign policy and peaceful settlement of international disputes.

The two countries' cooperation reflects similar global stances and the common need for a more democratic, impartial global order, Lavrov said.

While praising the economic interdependence and respect for mutual interests between Russia and China, Lavrov noted that western partners should take into account the balance of interests and "legal framework" during cooperation with Moscow.

"Problems also occur when we cooperate with China...Each party defends its economic and financial interests ...But the final agreements are strictly implemented by both sides," an online statement released by Foreign Ministry quoted Lavrov as saying.

Alongside humanitarian cooperation and cultural exchanges, Russia and China work together to promote negotiations and expand multilateral cooperative mechanisms in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), as well as G20, G7 and the BRICS, the minister said.

"Russia and China are interacting within the SCO," Lavrov said. "Preparation is under way for the SCO summit in Ufa city, where deepening bilateral cooperation and more joint projects will be discussed. The organization's expansion will also be on the agenda. "

Last year marked a high point in the history of Sino-Russian relations, with continuing close contacts and cooperation at all levels and in various sectors.