Unusual but true: sleep in a transparent glass room clinging to cliff

Updated: 2015-07-10 09:19


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Toddler is a natural of rock climbing

Ellie Farmer is a 20-month-old baby girl from Arizona, US. While other infants of the same age were learning how to walk, 8-month-old Ellie chose to scale her first rock wall without a harness before taking her first step.

Ellie, a natural climber, probably picked up the skill from her parents, Rachael and Zak Farmer, who are both excellent climbers. Rachael Farmer continued to climb while pregnant with Ellie.

Her parents call Ellie “little zen monkey” and post pictures and videos of her climbing on a Facebook account of the same name. Now the rock climbing infant has become an internet sensation with the videos being viewed more than a million times.

Video  from Ellie Farmer's facebook account "little zen monkey". She is 19 months old in this video.