China to test 5G network by 2020

Updated: 2013-09-26 13:39


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Exciting plans in the telecom space with the 3G network is now widely used and 4G just around the corner, China is preparing to enter the 5G era.

China is working on 5G technology, according to the Telecommunication Development Industry Alliance.

"We have started research and development on the 5G network, and we plan to launch the network testing by around 2020."said Yang Hua, secretary-general of TDTA.

It's expected that a unified standard will be adopted globally with the 5G technology.

"Under a same standard, different enterprises can be connected, and form a competition environment. Therefore, we can guarantee that enterprises can gain reasonable profits, and at the same time provide faster, better, more convenient and cheaper services to consumers."said Wen Ku, director of Dept.of Science & Tech, MIIT.

As China will soon hand out 4G licenses, smart phone companies are working on new 4G products.

"We have a function, in which we combine over 1200 media around the world, and allow the users to download in the shortest time. This is a main function of the 4G."said Wang Xuehong, president of HTC Corporation.

China produced over 250 million smart phones in 2012, more than the total amount produced in the history. In the first half of 2013, the production more than doubled from last year.

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