Working under pressure

Updated: 2014-05-01 07:29

By Zhang Lei (China Daily)

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Wang Jianfeng, a fund manager said the pressure is mostly from the fear that scandals and crises concerning listed companies and having to be constantly aware of the market trend. Also there are no clear working hours, Wang said. They also have to watch out for the sudden introduction of any new national macro-control policy that might cause stock market volatility.

Working under pressure

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Working under pressure

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"Due to the slowdown in economic growth, economic uncertainty is increasing. This coupled with the impact of Internet finance vehicles on the traditional banking sector, means the financial sector is changing its appraisal methods for staff performance. Formerly, the staff were assessed by the revenue they brought in, now they will be assessed by the number of new customers they get, which poses a greater challenge," said Feng Lijuan, a chief human resources specialist at 51job.

The rise of Internet banking has forced many financial companies to start developing new products to attract capital and depositors.

"Some large Internet companies and e-commerce companies such as Tencent and Suning have started to invest in private banks because of sufficient funds on hand. They started attracting from traditional banks their core development teams, and then through a variety of projects, they have grabbed idle capital. These are the new challenges and pressures that finance managers have to face," said Feng.

Working overtime has become the norm, and according to Ciming Checkup, only 25.1 percent of office workers can keep their work time within 8 hours on a daily basis, 36.3 percent work more than 10 hours a day.

Meanwhile if you cherish life, stay away from teaching or journalism.

In 2012, Shanghai did an extensive survey of more than 500 middle and high teachers and found that 76.9 percent of the teachers felt stressed, 51 percent suffered from "occupational diseases" and 37 percent felt burnt out.

Although teachers might seem to only teach a few lessons each day, in fact, such things as preparing lessons, correcting homework, managing their students in their extra curriculum activities take up a lot of time and effort. In particular homeroom teachers have to start working as early as 6 am to monitor the morning reading, and stay at work until 10 pm when the students go back to the dorms.

In boarding schools, they implement a fully enclosed teaching environment, and teachers can only return home once a week, so that many teachers' marriages are in crisis.

Also parents are becoming quite picky now when it comes to teaching methods. A teacher from Xi'an Middle School said overly doting parents brought them great psychological pressure. In the past parents had great confidence in teachers, and they handed their child to the teacher to educate.

Working under pressure Working under pressure
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