Ten breakthroughs of China's military diplomacy in 2014

Updated: 2014-12-31 14:34

(China Military Online)

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Ten breakthroughs of China's military diplomacy in 2014

NO.6 China participated in two international competitions for the first time

Event playback: The "Aviadarts 2014" and "Tank Biathlon-2014" were hosted by Russia in July and August respectively.

Consisting of such real-combat application subjects as air navigation skill and air-to-ground attack, the "Aviadarts 2014" was participated by more than 30 teams, including the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) team with three Su-30 aircraft.

Teams from 12 countries participated in the "Tank Biathlon-2014". Except for the Chinese PLA Army team that used four homemade T-96A tanks, all other teams used the improved T-72 tanks provided by Russia.

Reason for listing: It was the first time for the Chinese military to participate in those two international competitions, and the "Tank Biathlon-2014" even marked the first time that the main battle equipment of the PLA Army participated in an international competition overseas, indicating the continuously deepened strategic mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation between the Chinese and Russian militaries.

Meanwhile, participating in those competitions enabled the Chinese teams to discover deficiencies and learn experience, and provided beneficial reference for them to transform the training concept, promote training innovation and deepen training reform.