Ten breakthroughs of China's military diplomacy in 2014

Updated: 2014-12-31 14:34

(China Military Online)

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Ten breakthroughs of China's military diplomacy in 2014

NO.7 Chinese military assigned troops to aid West Africa in fighting Ebola for the first time

Event playback: The Chinese military has successively assigned about 300 people in multiple medical teams to Sierra Leone and Liberia, areas in West Africa that are seriously hit by Ebola, since mid-September. It built in Sierra Leone an Ebola patient observation and treatment center with 78 beds and a diagnosis and treatment center in Liberia with 100 beds.

Reason for listing: The anti-Ebola medical teams assigned by the Chinese military to West Africa well illustrated China's proactive assumption of its responsibilities as a major country. They contributed to the effective prevention and control of the Ebola epidemic and won unanimous praises in the international community.