Cooperation is the way forward

Updated: 2013-06-25 06:57

(China Daily)

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As part of the joint humanitarian drill held by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus, medical experts from China and the United States held a joint discussion about the provision of international humanitarian services.

After a tour of the ship, US Navy Captain Lynn Wheeler said Peace Ark is a world-class military hospital ship. Wheeler will serve as commander of the USS Mercy, one of the largest hospital ships in the world, in the next month. "Mercy and Peace Ark are basically doing the same thing," she said. "Humanitarian services are universal."

Led by Wheeler, two medical professionals from the US military gave presentations alongside their Chinese peers. Du Xin, a Chinese doctor, delivered a lecture on the lessons the PLA General Hospital learned during the rescue mission after the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan province, Erik Kuncir, a US navy medical expert, said China and the US can learn a lot from each other.

"I was impressed that the Chinese doctors conducted an amputation on an earthquake survivor to save her life. We have similar cases in the army in Iraq and Afghanistan," he said.

"Peace Ark is a beautiful ship," said Michael Termini, another US navy expert. "And more importantly, it's a lifesaving ship." Termini gave a presentation on the humanitarian services provided by the US in the Pacific region.

"I am very impressed by the Peace Ark, the crew and facilities. I am very happy to see them coming to Brunei. China and many other states, including the US, are participating in providing humanitarian services, and I hope cooperation will increase in the future," said Daniel L. Shields, the US ambassador to Brunei, after he visited the Peace Ark.

"The US has been providing humanitarian services worldwide for a long time and has the best hospital ships, equipment and technology in the world," said Guan Bailin, deputy commander of the 2013 Peace Ark mission. "We have a lot to learn from them and we are also looking forward to cooperating with them in the future."

- Peng Yining and Ju Zhenhua

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