College football touches down in China

2014-10-20 06:26:55

China got its first taste of American football this weekend as six teams vied for the China American Football League's inaugural CAFL University Championship.

Brazil needs its own version of China Dream, expert says

2014-10-20 04:44:37

Brazil's emergence as one of the leading Latin American economies has taken place in tandem with rapid growth in China over the last decade, a sign of the growing link between the two emerging markets.

Alibaba joins global shipping effort

2014-10-20 05:49:48

A new logistic platform jointly established by China Shipping Group and Alibaba will enhance the efficiency of international trade and both Chinese and Brazilian companies will benefit when it's fully operational, experts said.

Biz clubs deepen cooperation

2014-10-20 04:36:28

Two leading business organizations signed a cooperation agreement in Sao Paulo on Oct 18 to work together to enhance communication between the entrepreneurs of both China and Brazil.

Latin America infrastructure needs more investment

2014-10-20 04:36:28

Latin American countries should annually invest 6.2 percent of their GDP (around $320 billion) on infrastructure development to meet their economic goals to 2020, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) said in its latest report.

Huawei exhibits products in Brazil

2014-10-19 01:26:42

Huawei, the Chinese networking and telecom equipment and services company, displayed its mobile devices at the 2014 Futurecom.

Ex-Brazilian ambassador to China expects stronger ties

2014-10-19 01:26:42

A former Brazilian ambassador to China says Brazil and China can get closer through more bilateral trade and people-to-people exchanges.

Writer Lu Xun's works honored in NY

2014-10-18 06:15:49

Lu Xun, one of the leading figures of modern Chinese literature, was honored in New York with performances by the Beijing Dance Theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Well-heeled travelers eye Latin America and Africa

2014-10-18 04:37:24

Chinese tourists aren’t just traveling the world - they’re redefining global travel. The world’s largest outbound tourism market is "dictating the international tourism map".

Yale president-turned-Coursera CEO sees China soar

2014-10-17 23:29:44

China has a friend in Richard Levin, the former president of Yale University who now heads up online education giant Coursera.

A new name

2014-10-17 23:29:44

Rich Rogel, president of investment firm Tomay Inc, and his wife Susan Rogel, Ken Lieberthal, senior fellow in Foreign Policy and Global Economy and Development at Brookings Institution, and his wife Jane Lieberthal, celebrate the renaming of the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese at the University of Michigan on Thursday.

More measures expected in China's healthcare reform

2014-10-17 13:10:10

Reforms in the Chinese healthcare industry over the last five years have seen improved services but yet to deliver "significant changes" that address the key issues of access and affordability, according to a healthcare expert.

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