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Lock and Load in Texas

[2016-07-29 04:34]

In China, civilians aren't allowed to possess firearms. But in the US, the Second Amendment allows it, and at a shooting range in Texas,Chinese Americans tell of their like for guns — and for some, their need.

'Made in USA' confuses at DNC

[2016-07-28 23:18]

Careful shoppers will find that no labels show anything not made in the United States. T-shirts and mugs have Made in USA markings, while labels of origin could not be found on golf balls, socks and caps.

Chinese life insurance company takes stake in Sotheby's

[2016-07-28 23:01]

Taikang Life, one of China's biggest life insurers, has become the single largest shareholder of Sotheby's, the auction house, by acquiring a 13.5 percent stake.

Wider Panama Canal boosting Chinese shippers, US East Coast ports

[2016-07-28 11:35]

The expanded Panama Canal is shaping up as a win-win situation for Chinese companies and the economy of the US East Coast.

At DNC, trade a political football

[2016-07-28 11:35]

During every pause for applause, critics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the audience stood up in droves, waving their TPP signs circled with the "no" symbol to show their unhappiness over the proposed trade pact.

Deaths of Chinese tourists raise safety issues

[2016-07-28 11:35]

A traffic accident in which four Chinese tourists died in Arizona on Sunday has raised concerns about the safety of overseas travelers when they take to US roads.

US Democrat Kaine lays into Donald Trump

[2016-07-28 11:08]

Democratic vice-presidential nominee US Senator Tim Kaine laid into Donald Trump, describing him as "a one-man wrecking crew" who cannot be trusted with America's future.

Judge frees President Reagan's would-be killer Hinckley

[2016-07-27 23:53]

John Hinckley Jr., who wounded US President Ronald Reagan and three other people in a 1981 assassination attempt, should be freed after 35 years and released to live with his mother, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

Film legend honored in DC

[2016-07-27 23:28]

The festival kicked off on July 15 with the world premiere of Kara Wai’s newest film, Happiness, a poignant story about Chan Kai-yuk (Carlos Chan), a young man who moves to Hong Kong after his mother’s death to look for his father.

Flap over shark fins won't be going away any time soon

[2016-07-27 11:34]

US Senator Corey Booker may have joined the fray in the 2016 presidential arena Monday night with a barnburner speech, but he could be in for an even bigger fight on a different front.

Apple revenue falls in Greater China region

[2016-07-27 11:34]

Apple Inc's revenue from the Greater China region fell 33 percent year over year as the tech giant reported earnings for its fiscal third quarter on Tuesday.

LeEco will buy Vizio for $2 billion

[2016-07-27 11:34]

Chinese tech company LeEco announced on Tuesday that it will acquire Vizio, a major TV brand in the US, for $2 billion in cash as it expands globally.

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