Letting kids bridge cultures

2014-11-29 06:29:38

Kids in Boston can now learn about how their counterparts in their Chinese sister city live, through a new exhibit called Children of Hangzhou: Connecting With China at the Boston Children's Museum.

Mandarin's moment

2014-11-28 11:48:35

The pupils in teacher Zhang Shanshan's class at the Hudson Way Immersion School were asked what they needed to do to get more smiley faces on an assignment.

Bill Chong: Helping NYC's youths

2014-11-28 13:20:56

Like millions of other Americans, Bill Chong watched the US moon landing on TV in the summer of 1969. Chong was 12 at the time and like many other young people, he was inspired by the mission.

Building bridges from Michigan to China

2014-11-28 13:20:56

As Governor Rick Snyder wraps up another extended trip to China, Michigan continues to be a leader among US states in developing economic and cultural ties with China.

Amgen ups ShanghaiTech collaboration in research

2014-11-28 13:20:56

The US biotechnology company Amgen is working with ShanghaiTech University to further biomedical research through an innovative model.

Chinese investors zeroing in on LA

2014-11-28 13:20:56

Chinese investors in Los Angeles have a positive outlook for business next year, and about 90 percent of business owners polled are looking forward to expanding their businesses in 2015, according to a report released by China Trust Bank USA (CTBC) in Shanghai Tuesday.

Talking big on big data's future uses

2014-11-28 13:20:56

The Chinese version of the bestseller Learning with Big Data: The Future of Education will be published later this year by Shanghai-based East China Normal University.

Assessing FTZ after first year

2014-11-28 13:20:56

Chinese leaders confirmed the Shanghai Free Trade Zone's (FTZ) pursuit of reforms in business registration, trade and government on the first anniversary of the experimental field's establishment.

Shanghai steps up air-pollution fight

2014-11-28 13:20:56

Shanghai will research air-pollution sources affecting the city and publicize them regularly, the city environmental protection bureau announced last week.

How to give is focus of philanthropy forum

2014-11-28 13:20:56

More than 10 experts, foundation leaders and businesspeople from the United States gathered in Beijing on Tuesday for the 2014 China Philanthropy Forum.

China, US diverge on approaches to nuclear energy

2014-11-28 13:20:56

China and the US are taking different approaches to nuclear energy, as both nations map out a strategy for their recent agreement to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.

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