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Cleaner, greener roads for the future

[2015-11-28 05:36]

Shanghai’s authorities will continue to pursue a green development model for traffic matters over the next five years, with the main focus on further developing public transportation and offering stronger support for new-energy vehicles.

Latching on to China’s potential

[2015-11-28 05:34]

Being responsive to the demands of Chinese consumers and having a keen focus on their people and innovation have turned Southco, a manufacturer of fasteners and hinges, into an industry leader to be reckoned with in China.

Art to soon become an integral part of  holistic education in China

[2015-11-28 05:27]

Previously deemed as nothing more than a way of getting another certificate that might prove useful when it comes to applying to prestigious schools, art education was in the past often marginalized in China’s classrooms.

Not quite a smash hit

[2015-11-28 05:23]

Despite having a prestigious tournament held here in Shanghai, squash is still a relatively unknown sport in China that wealthy families are now beginning to see as a ticket to top schools.

China’s kids have a huge appetite for reading, survey shows

[2015-11-28 04:26]

A new survey about the reading behavior of young people in China was recently released at the third edition of the China Children’s Book Fair (CCBF).

Children’s books industry booming in China

[2015-11-28 04:21]

Experts say now is the golden age for kid’s publications in the country as publishers frenetically generate new content to meet demand for quality books.

Washington-based think tanks going Chinese

[2015-11-27 12:00]

With China's fast rise, think tanks in nation's capital are expanding their related work on the country,

Penalty expected in Bank of China contempt case

[2015-11-27 23:52]

Bank of China Ltd, which was held in contempt of court for failing to disclose account records from Chinese suspects accused of selling counterfeit luxury goods, could learn early next week what type of financial penalty it faces.

Black Friday opening doors to Chinese shoppers

[2015-11-27 07:09]

Part of the reason that retailers are vying to attract cross-border shoppers stems from the slower growth rates for online shopping in China.

Black Friday becomes a global event

[2015-11-27 07:49]

And after being rewarded with booming revenue on China's Singles Day shopping event, many international merchants are hoping to attract more Chinese online shoppers for Black Friday too.

Chinese play growing part in online shopping

[2015-11-26 12:05]

Rewarded with good revenue on Nov 11, many international merchants are hoping to attract more Chinese online shoppers on Black Friday.

Li treats CEE leaders to a ride on the rails

[2015-11-26 01:03]

In what could be called the Premier Road Show, Li Keqiang took leaders from 16 Central and Eastern European countries for a trip on a high-speed train to showcase Chinese technology.

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