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AEE goes beyond making cameras to new products

[2016-06-29 10:48]

Shenzhen AEE Technology, a contract manufacturer of action cameras since 1999, is going beyond production and focusing on innovative design, signature products and brand identity.

PLA Navy fleet off to Pearl Harbor for drills

[2016-06-29 10:48]

The Chinese PLA Navy fleet is scheduled to sail into Pearl Harbor on Wednesday to participate in the Rim of the Pacific naval exercises, known as RIMPAC 2016.

Chinese investor to buy piece of NBA

[2016-06-29 10:33]

China's foreign direct investment in the US may take a sporting turn as a Chinese investor will reportedly purchase a share of a National Basketball Association franchise.

Times Square cracks down on characters

[2016-06-29 09:23]

Times Square, the "crossroads of the world", has set up a barricade that even Superman can't get through.

Abortion access fight

[2016-06-28 09:57]

Supporters celebrate on Monday morning out the US Supreme Court in Washington after the court struck down key provisions of Texas' regulation of abortion clinics.

Does China-bashing really help someone reach the White House?

[2016-06-28 10:55]

Regardless of its tempestuous and dramatic plots and subplots, the US electoral system is nothing but an internal American affair. Politicians running for the US presidency, however, should try to view the election through a more global and comprehensive lens to avoid any risk of undermining the US-China relationship.

ECOVACS to introduce new maid robots for US

[2016-06-28 10:55]

ECOVACS plans to introduce seven new home cleaning robots in the US in 2016: five clean bare-floors and carpets, and two wipe glass doors and clean windows while the owner enjoys a coffee with a newspaper in hand, practices a yoga pose or takes a nap.

Brexit financial turmoil will likely persist: analysts

[2016-06-28 10:55]

The continuing upheaval from the UK's historic "Brexit" vote means China and other countries will feel the impact on equities and foreign exchange rates in the short term and trade and investment in the long term, financial analysts said.

Waldorf Astoria to go mostly condo

[2016-06-28 10:55]

You'll still be able to get a room at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York for a few years, but it'll be harder to come by after that.

National Committee celebrates 50th year

[2016-06-28 10:55]

Three former US national security advisors took some time Monday to reflect on US-China relations, widely considered the most consequential bilateral relations in the 21st century.

US Supreme Court strikes down restrictive Texas abortion law

[2016-06-27 22:30]

The US Supreme Court on Monday handed a victory to abortion rights advocates, striking down a Texas law imposing strict regulations on abortion doctors and facilities that its critics contended were specifically designed to shut down clinics.

Goings on(San Francisco)

[2016-06-28 02:39]

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