Charting new cultural horizons

2014-12-20 01:55:43

Fang Li, the Chinese consul general in Toronto, became more well known for his singing in a Toronto flash-mob video chorus featuring popular Chinese songs, as the two-minute news clip on the event has gotten more than 77,900 hits on You Tube.

Beefing up

2014-12-20 01:31:17

Canadian beef will now be available in retail stores in China’s first-tier cities. On Tuesday, the Canada Beef International Institute sponsored a cooking class to promote Canadian beef in Beijing. Canadian beef exports to China from January to October this year were up 74 percent to $29.3 million.

Canada's China trade needs boost, forum says

2014-12-20 01:18:15

The fast-growing Sino-Canadian trade and calls to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between the two countries were the main topics at a forum of Chinese and Canadian officials, experts on policy research and analysis, entrepreneurs and investors.

China-US trade talks: down to business

2014-12-20 00:01:06

China and the United States held their 25th session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, known as JCCT, in Chicago on Dec 16-18.

California city fights 'birth tourism'

2014-12-19 13:50:08

"Birth tourism" has been a controversial issue in Southern California for some time. Some homes converted into "maternity hotels" in the region draw pregnant Chinese women to stay and gave birth in the United States.

Build, not break, a bridge for people

2014-12-19 13:50:08

A US congressional committee recently heard from critics of China's Confucius Institute program in the United States, who said the program is a form of propaganda by China, but Chinese teachers who have been through the program think it a fuss over nothing.

China OKs modified corn imports

2014-12-19 13:50:08

China's lifting of a ban on imports of a genetically modified strain of corn is welcome news in the agricultural community, but the effect on China's agricultural trade will still be muted by domestic surpluses, according to two analysts.

Chinese city shops for talent in Houston

2014-12-19 13:50:08

While people are busy Christmas shopping, a recruitment team froma Chinese city came to Houston to shop for talent.

Cleaner coal goal in deal by Houston firm

2014-12-19 13:50:08

Houston-based Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc (SES) announced on Thursday that it has entered into an agreement with Chinese state-owned power company for a cleaner coal-power generation program.

China niche for California design firm

2014-12-19 13:50:08

The California lifestyle has been good to Mike Ellis and Tim Magill. It's been so good that they have managed to create a thriving enterprise that receives half of its billings from China based in part on the Golden State's famous ethos of sun and a laid-back attitude toward life and people.

China IPOs find Nasdaq home

2014-12-19 13:50:08

Bob McCooey, senior vice-president of listing services for the Nasdaq OMX Group, said this year that 10 Chinese companies have opted to list on the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York.

NYC schools can mark Lunar New Year

2014-12-19 13:50:08

New York City must consider making the Chinese Lunar New Year a public school holiday under a new law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo that the city's Asian residents have sought for years.

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