Li: China has built up industrial muscle

2015-05-26 08:35:35

Premier Li Keqiang called for greater efforts in industrial capacity cooperation, which he said can boost the economy and end global recession, during a speech to Latin American and Caribbean diplomats on Monday.

Western US officials tour China to bring business over

2015-05-26 08:04:01

A delegation from the US West is visiting China in an effort to attract more investment and businesses.

Chinese company unveils new air conditioner in Brazil

2015-05-26 07:01:20

Gree, an air-conditioner manufacturer from China, unveiled its latest zero-energy consumption unit in Rio de Janeiro.

US charges a reflection of 'anxiety'

2015-05-25 07:26:52

Recent accusations against scientists and researchers with Chinese background show the United States' concern and anxiety over China's rising technological capability, experts said.

From Chile, grape expectations

2015-05-25 10:30:18

Vintner promotes country's unique, easy-going wines in China, Pu Zhendong reports.

Chinese importer finds a home in trade zone

2015-05-25 10:30:18

Chile's far-northern Iquique still remains largely unknown in China, even though it holds South America's largest free trade area with almost one-fourth of its population enjoying an unusual Chinese ancestry.

Mussels muscle into seafood sector

2015-05-25 10:30:18

Chile and China have their eyes set on expanding their fishery trade, as they turn this year to a new free trade chapter.

In Peruvian capital, young taking to Chinese culture

2015-05-25 06:55:39

At hotels and tourist attractions in Peru's capital city, it's not unusual for Chinese tourists to be greeted in Mandarin.

Chilean lawyer fluent in Chinese culture

2015-05-25 06:17:09

You have no idea how much a Chilean young man knows about China until he starts talking fl uently in Mandarin. The young man is Ignacio Tornero, whose Chinese name is Luo Yan.

Expansion of free trade possible on Chile visit

2015-05-25 04:07:49

With Premier Li Keqiang set to begin his trip to Chile, the prospect of upgrading the free trade agreement to cover more products and tax cuts is something senior officials are looking for.

Mathematician John Nash killed in car crash

2015-05-25 00:43:19

Mathematician John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner whose longtime struggle with mental illness inspired the movie "A Beautiful Mind", was killed in a car crash along with his wife in New Jersey, state police said on Sunday.

Li calls for manufacturing shift in Peru

2015-05-24 08:07:23

Premier Li Keqiang asked Chinese-invested companies in Peru to open local plants and diversify raw materials processing to the production of value-added products, during a meeting with corporate leaders on Saturday.

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