China – a Paradise for Nature Lovers

Updated: 2012-05-15 09:39


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China – a Paradise for Nature Lovers

Beihai Park

Given the size of the country it's only natural that China offers a wide variety of landscapes and climate zones (18 different ones in total), reaching from deserts in the northwest of the country to tropical climate zones in the southeastern parts. In general, from the western to the northeastern areas the seasons are quite distinctive with cold winters and warm, humid summers whereas the southwest has subtropical to tropical weather with shorter and slightly warmer winters than the north and often typhoons in summer with plentiful rainfall and high

temperatures. To see more than just one region China tours are a great option because you'll be able to get to actually see the regional differences and get a more complete picture of this interesting and diverse country. And with affordable China flights you can easily plan your own trip and go on an exciting adventure tour.

For anyone who loves nature or is interested in gardening China offers many wonderful areas and places to visit and has an incredibly diverse fauna. In the northern cities like Beijing spring is a wonderful time of the year to plan a trip. It's mostly nice and sunny during that time with not much rain and who wants to miss the period when trees and other plants start to blossom? There are several blossom-related festivals like the Beijing Peach Blossom Festival which is held every year between April and May.

China – a Paradise for Nature Lovers

Beijing Peach Blossom

Gardening fans coming to Beijing should certainly see the Beijing Botanical Garden which is about 18 km northwest of the city. There are several bus lines going to the garden and for visitors arriving by car there is no parking fee. It is stretched out over an area of 400 hectares with different theme gardens, like the Tree Peony Garden, the Rose Garden, the Magnolia Garden, the Cherry Valley or the Bamboo Garden. The botanical garden also has some historical attractions to offer, including a Memorial to Cao Xueqin, the Qing Dynasty author of 'A Dream of Red Mansion'. Other historical sites worth visiting are the Tomb of Liang Qichao, a famous Chinese scholar, journalist, philosopher and reformist of the late Qing Dynasty and the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha, which was constructed early in the Tang Dynasty.

There are many bigger and smaller parks in Beijing that give plenty of opportunity to go for a walk, relax on a meadow, enjoy nature and to learn about gardens and plants. You can refer to the itineraries at .The Beihai Park for example is located right in the center of Beijing and is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved imperial gardens in China. Half of it is covered by lake and the garden combines northern and southern garden styles. With a history of over 1000 years the famous park integrates imperial palaces and religious constructions. Other great places to see there are the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven Park or many other parks in and around Beijing. People more interested in natural beauty and landscape than man-made gardens should travel to Guilin. The scenery along the Li River is just amazing!