Top 10 folk houses in China

Updated: 2012-09-21 10:39


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Top 10 folk houses in China

Hongcun village

Top 10 folk houses in China

Hongcun Village[Photo/]

Located in Northeast of Yixian county, Anhui province, this village is famous for its long history, deep culture and splendid environment. Hongcun Village was built in the Southern Song Dynasty (1131 - 1162), which has over 800 years of history. As the village's layout looks like an ox, this village is also called "Ox-shaped Village." Leigang Mountain is the ox head; the verdant dark green trees its horn; the folk houses the body; the lakes are the stomach and four ancient bridges near the village are the legs. Most people are surnamed Wang. It is known as "the live module of researching the ancient water conservancy history of China."

Travel tips:

1. Jushantang is a very good hostel in Hongcun Village. It is famous for elegant decoration and delicious village cuisine. It cost 80 yuan per person including three meals;

2. It has many tasty snacks, such as Daode cake, that you shouldn't miss.

- Hours: all day long

- Admission: 104 yuan

- How to get there: take a bus from the Yixian county seat; the journey only costs two yuan.