Chinese embassy: spy report 'sheer fiction'

Updated: 2015-12-17 10:58


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A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang described as "sheer fiction" recent media reports that said more than 100 Chinese nationals were arrested in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for alleged espionage.

"Violation of laws or criminal activities by Chinese residing in the DPRK are individual cases, there's no 'spies' at all, and the so-called 'hundred of Chinese nationals arrested' is sheer fiction," the unnamed spokesperson said, according to the embassy's website on Wednesday.

The espionage report was initially made by a website called "Daily NK" and was cited on Tuesday by some media in the Republic of Korea, including the Kookmin Ilbo newspaper.

Currently, there are around 3,000 Chinese nationals working or living in the DPRK, according to the embassy.

"They observe the law, are disciplined and work with diligence", the spokesperson said.

Chinese nationals "have made great contributions to the DPRK's economic and social development and the socialist construction along with the DPRK people, and they have played an important role in inheriting and carrying forward the China-DPRK traditional friendship," the spokesperson added.

The two sides are dedicated to developing the traditional friendly and cooperative relationship on a proactive basis, and "the public in the two countries are an important impetus for developing the China-DPRK relationship", the spokesperson said.