CPC members earn more than non-members:survey

Updated: 2014-05-04 12:29


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CPC members earn more than non-members:survey

Liu Yue, a high school teacher, says goodbye to her students after the graduation ceremony in this 2011 file photo. Liu, a respected teacher with high-grade, was born in the 1980s. [Photo/icpress.cn]

A new survey released on Sunday shows that the income level of CPC (Communist Party of China) members is much higher than non-Party people.

The survey conducted by the Data Research Center for Social Sciences at Fudan University focused on the lives of the post-80s generation including questions concerning family, marriage, jobs and fertility.

A total of 67.7 percent of those who reported a relatively high income were CPC members.

The survey collected data in 80 communities in Shanghai - involving 3311 families - and 53.78 percent of respondents were married and 57 percent were men.

Additionally, only five percent of respondents with a higher education and a steady job said they would consider a 'naked marriage' - a recently coined term referring to couples who get married even though they do not own a house, car or any other property of relatively high value.

The survey also showed that the average wage of respondents reached 60,000 yuan ($9,587.80) per year and about 25 percent did not plan to switch jobs.