Security volunteers in Beijing gain insurance

Updated: 2014-06-11 16:55


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Hundreds of thousands of volunteers helping police boost the safety in the Chinese capital city will be given accident insurance, the Beijing News reported.

According to the insurance policy, the family of the volunteers on duty will be offered a payout of up to 400,000 yuan ($64,000) if they lose their lives or suffer fatal injuries in terrorism attacks.

Security volunteers in Beijing gain insurance
China fights terrorism and violent attacks

Beijing launched a full-scaled anti-tourism campaign late last month, following a string of terrorist attacks that sent shockwaves across the country. About 850,000 volunteers are deployed every day to patrol the city's main streets and helping boost security checks on passengers and their belongings at the subway stations and highway entrances to the capital.

The validity of the insurance for the 850,000 volunteers is one year, effective from June 10 to June 9, 2015, according to Liu Xiaowei, the general manager assistant of (Beijing) China Life Insurance Company. The company on Tuesday signed a contract with the Voluntary Association of Capital Security, providing group accident insurance for the volunteers.

The group accident insurance can be divided into two categories, including death and disability. In the first category, the volunteer's death in a violent terrorism incident would allow an insurance payment of up to 400,000 yuan directly. Disabled volunteers would gain insurance claims in proportion to their injuries after they are rated.

Liu Yu, the vice-chairman of the capital voluntary association, said that the 850,000 volunteers are accepting the insurance as a group. Their names were provided by the voluntary association. In the future, new volunteers can also accept this accident insurance. No security volunteers have faced a terrorism threat so far.

"Security volunteers should get attention from the public as their efforts are inspiring," said Teng Shengping, the director of Capital Civilization Office.

Since early June, 826 safety loopholes have been found and removed, 731 disputes have been solved and 58 criminals have been arrested, thanks to the work of the security volunteers, authorities said.