Ushering in the New Year

Updated: 2016-02-13 02:34

(China Daily USA)

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Ushering in the New Year

One traditional activity of this annual folk exhibition in Shanghai involves having calligraphers write the Chinese character "fu"(happiness) for visitors to take home. PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY

Chinese New Year is without doubt the most important occasion in the year for most people in China. Such is its importance that millions of Chinese people from all over the country willingly endure the hardships suffered during the long journey back to their homes. The lucky people who are able to secure air tickets during this period get away just with huge crowds at the airports. Those who can only afford to take a train or ride their motorcycles back to their homes in the more remote regions of China have to endure days of traveling before they get to see their loved ones. But ask any one of them why they go through this hardship and you’re most likely to get this answer: family.

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