Snowden incident exposes mistrust between US and EU

Updated: 2013-07-04 20:37


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The Edward Snowden incident has had a strong impact on relations between the US and the Europe and adds to the risks and conflicts between the two sides, says an article in the People's Daily (excerpt below).

The European Union countries see the United States' hegemony and pride vividly through the "PRISM-gate" incident. The US can spy on other countries as it likes, with the excuse of defending its national security and fighting terrorism.

The special relationship across the Atlantic, based on common values and interests, have stood tests of blood and war.

The embarrassment is huge for the US when its suspicion and spying on its trustworthy brothers are revealed. The US government has not yet given its European allies any convincing explanations on its stealthy spying behaviors till now. The other countries being spied on by the US and even US citizens are waiting for the Obama administration's replies to all questions raised by Snowden, who is wanted by the US.

It may be unrealistic to predict that the relationship between the US and its European allies will fray because of the scandal. However, one thing is for sure that their relationship is not as solid as before. The crevice and mistrust between them is evident.

The EU takes a totally different stand from the US' hegemonic policies on the issues of Iraq, Libya and Syria. Their attitudes on global climate changes and the financial crisis also vary a lot.

Compared with the US, the emerging economies and developing countries are more trustworthy partners for the EU. The delicate changes in the relationship between the US and the EU will have a far-reaching and big influence on international relation structure.

No matter how the Snowden incident evolves in the future, the true pictures it reveals and the issues it raises deserve the attention of the entire international community.