US will hit debt limit by May 16: Geithner

2011-04-06 08:03:50

The United States will hit the legal limit on its ability to borrow no later than May 16.

Google to bid for Nortel patents

2011-04-05 15:29:35

Google Inc. on Monday announced that it is bidding for patent portfolio of Nortel Networks in Nortel's bankruptcy auction.

Nasdaq, ICE make joint bid for NYSE

2011-04-01 22:54:21

Nasdaq OMX and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) on Friday announced a joint 11.3-billion-dollar bid to buy the NYSE Euronext.

WTO rules US aid to Boeing is illegal

2011-04-01 09:45:13

Boeing Co. received at least $5.3 billion in prohibited US subsidies to develop and build new planes.

Google lost in a new world without maps

2011-03-31 07:53:44

Google Inc's operations in China may face another crisis as the world's biggest search engine had not yet applied for a license for its online mapping services as the official deadline arrived on Thursday.

US court cramps Google

2011-03-30 07:39:57

A US federal judge last week curtailed Google's ambitions to create a giant digital bookstore and library

IPad 2 hits overseas stores after US sellout

2011-03-25 14:18:49

Hundreds of customers lined up outside Apple stores in Australia and New Zealand on Friday for the international launch of the iPad 2

No zero-sum game in growth: Summers

2011-03-25 08:16:25

Larry Summers cautioned against protectionism and said nations must move "past the idea that the prosperity of one country is a threat to the prosperity of others".

Suntech revels in bright future

2011-03-24 07:53:07

Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd, one of the world's largest solar panel makers, secured the No 1 position in the United States, which is expected to be the world's fastest-growing solar market soon.

US companies in China profitable: Survey

2011-03-23 07:38:11

More US businesses in China said they were profitable last year even as they are still worried about the prospects of local market access, the American Chamber of Commerce in China (Amcham) said on Tuesday.

IBM agrees to settle China bribery case

2011-03-21 09:59:35

IBM Corp. has agreed to pay $10 million to settle allegations that it bribed Chinese and South Korean government officials for more than a decade to win contracts.

GE engineer quit 35 yrs ago over reactor design

2011-03-16 10:56:19

A General Electric Co engineer said he resigned 35 years ago over concern about the safety of a nuclear reactor design used in the now crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan.
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