Apple world's most valuable brand

2011-05-09 09:50:21

Apple has overtaken Google as the world's most valuable brand, ending a four-year reign by the Internet search leader, according to a new study by global brands agency Millward Brown.

Commodities' drop curbs risk appetite

2011-05-09 10:33:52

US stock investors head into this week with added worries about the sustainability of the recent rally and a desire to reduce risk

125 years of Coca-Cola

2011-05-07 16:51:11

The world's largest soft-drink company will celebrate the 125th birthday of Coca-Cola on May 8.

Billionaires gather to discuss giving

2011-05-07 21:18:14

What do dozens of American billionaires talk about when they get together? Money, of course; not how to make it, but how to give it away.

US CBO says $871b deficit so far in FY 2011

2011-05-07 08:50:12

The US budget deficit totaled $871 billion for the first seven months of this fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office said on Friday.

US jobless claims hit 8-month high

2011-05-05 22:17:41

The number of Americans filing for jobless benefits rose to an eight-month high last week and productivity growth slowed in the first quarter

US sues Deutsche Bank in mortgage fraud case

2011-05-04 13:01:14

The US government sued Deutsche Bank AG for more than $1 billion, accusing the German bank of defrauding it by repeatedly lying to obtain federal insurance guarantees on mortgage debt.

US makes progress to win back trust on debt

2011-05-04 09:21:42

US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner said the US is making progress in winning back the trust in its ability to manage its debt.

Sony says 25 million more accounts hacked

2011-05-03 15:07:03

Sony Corp. said Monday that hackers may have taken personal information from an additional 24.6 million user accounts after a review of the recent PlayStation Network breach found an intrusion at a division that makes multiplayer online games.

Nasdaq tightens vise on NYSE

2011-05-03 15:42:27

Nasdaq OMX Group and IntercontinentalExchange Inc will take their takeover bid for NYSE Euronext straight to the Big Board's shareholders as they try to corner the company into talks.

Buffett remains solid on US economy

2011-05-02 08:57:52

Buffett does not spend his time making stock research recommendations, but he is sure of one thing -- America should have a "strong buy" slapped on it.

Most Americans see economic recession, depression

2011-04-28 22:00:27

More than half of Americans say the US economy is in a recession or a depression despite official data that show a moderate recovery.