US federal deficit to reach $1.65 trillion in 2011

2011-02-14 22:58:15

US federal deficit in fiscal year 2011 is expected to top historic high level of $1.645 trillion.

Head of IMF urges greater role for yuan

2011-02-12 07:38:21

IMF's Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said  the Chinese yuan should be given a greater role within a restructured international monetary system.

US Fed flexible on economic remedies

2011-02-11 07:46:50

The US economy may not need further help from the Federal Reserve (Fed) when its $600 billion stimulus plan runs out in June, but that decision will hinge on the path of the economy, a top Fed official said on Wednesday.

US 30-year mortgage rate rises to highest level

2011-02-11 09:58:34

The US 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) this week rose to the highest point since April 2010.

US: Chinese drill pipe threaten US industry

2011-02-08 08:31:18

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) determined Monday that imports of drill pipe and drill collars from China threatened the US industry with material injury.

US: China not currency manipulator

2011-02-05 08:37:24

Major trading partners of the United States, including China, did not manipulate their currencies to gain an unfair advantage in international trade in 2010, according to a report released by the US Treasury Department on Friday.

US markets, oil prices stable amid Egyptian turmoil

2011-02-03 15:09:33

Oil prices and the US stock market remained stable despite the heightened crisis in Egypt.

US auto sales seen losing momentum in Jan

2011-02-01 09:53:15

US auto sales lost momentum in the final weeks of January, setting the stage for a softer start to 2011 than the industry had expected.

Starbucks sees higher 2011 coffee costs

2011-01-27 10:59:35

The world's largest coffee chain, expects rising coffee prices to hit profits more than it previously thought.

Speech focuses on economy

2011-01-27 08:45:02

The economic goals set out in US President Barack Obama's State of the Union address may create more opportunities for cooperation between China and the United States, analysts said.

US budget deficit to hit $1.5t

2011-01-27 09:52:54

A continuing weak economy and last month's bipartisan tax cut legislation will drive the US government's deficit to a record $1.5 trillion this year, a new government estimates predicts.

US risks wasting $12b in Afghan army aid

2011-01-27 09:58:42

The United States risks squandering more than $11 billion if it does not come up with adequate plans for building and maintaining facilities for Afghanistan's growing security forces, a US watchdog said.