Expanding large classroom study of China

2014-05-30 12:07:27

In Ronald Egan's general education undergraduate class on Chinese literature and history at Stanford University, he likes to ask his students to raise their hands if they have ever heard of.

Singers try out for China's American Idol

2014-05-30 12:07:27

China's biggest talent show - Voice of China - is hunting for contestants in California for its 3rd season.

100,000 Strong program to continue beyond 2014

2014-05-29 21:07:11

The 100,000 Strong initiative, originally launched to increase the number of US students studying in China to 100,000 over a four-year period from 2010 to 2014, will continue beyond 2014 and become a long-term program.

2.1m Chinese to visit US this year

2014-05-23 11:52:54

An estimated 1.8 million Chinese tourists visited the US in 2013, and that number is expected to grow by 21 percent in to 2.1 million this year.

ABC's Fresh Off the Boat gets some mixed reviews from Chinese Americans

2014-05-21 10:11:44

ABC-TV on May 13 released 11 trailers for its 2014-15 schedule, and one of them, a sitcom depicting a Chinese-American family’s efforts to assimilate into US society has stirred public reaction.

Chinese national to be sentenced next week

2014-05-21 09:28:49

A federal judge said on Tuesday that she will decide by next week what sentence Chinese national Ma Lisong will serve for pleading guilty to attempting to exporting weapons-grade carbon fiber from the US to China.

Salute to WWII heroes

2014-05-16 11:43:30

The Flying Tigers, a volunteer group of American pilots who helped China fight Japan in WWII, is one of the most familiar and respected names among the Chinese, so it came as no surprise that the visiting Chinese General Fang Fenghui, chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army, wanted to meet them and their families.

NAYCO debut concert Heritage a success

2014-05-16 11:06:47

The North American Youth Chinese Orchestra (NAYCO) presented a wonderful variety of musical works at Houston Baptist University's Dunam Hall on May 3.

NY Chinese beauty pageant seeks contestants

2014-05-07 11:39:01

The annual Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant finale is more than three months away, and its organizers are seeking women aged 17 to 25 of Chinese descent to enter the competition, with the winner to appear in a bigger beauty pageant in Hong Kong.

Ni howdy!

2014-05-07 11:39:01

Learning to warm up to and love China, with a claw-hammer banjo on her knee

2014-05-07 11:39:01

When banjo-player Abigail Washburn performed for a group of Chinese kids - some of whom had just lost their families in a devastating earthquake - in Sichuan in 2008, she felt China was a part of her and that she was making a difference in people's lives there.

Chinese Parents: For some, it's 'Harvard, Harvard, Harvard'

2014-05-06 10:22:29

They are among the top schools in the Ivy League. Yale University took one student. Yale and Princeton University accepted two other students, a brother and sister.