Retracing ancestors' footsteps

2012-10-17 10:25:32

Gary Gardner was speechless when he received an old photo as a gift from a resident of Guling. It was a 20-year-old photo showing the 64-year-old chaplain's great aunt, Elizabeth Johnson Gardner, with elderly people in Guling.

On otters, opium and tea

2012-10-16 10:15:42

A US author examines China's trade with his homeland from the time of colonial America. Kelly Chung Dawson reports in New York.

Living 'in-between' is deeply personal

2012-10-12 12:19:15

About 80,000 girls from China have been adopted by American parents since 1989, according to the US State Department.

Fan Lixin: Presenting China through independent lens

2012-10-12 12:19:15

Chinese-Canadian director Fan Lixin recently took home two Emmy awards, Best Documentary and Best Long-Form Business and Economic Reporting, for his first documentary, Last Train Home.

Changing expectations

2012-10-12 10:00:11

A teacher from Iowa brings lessons of home to Chinese classrooms.

Artist searches for former nanny in Shanghai

2012-10-12 07:49:16

Peter Max, who left China 60 years ago, has returned to Shanghai for the first time, and his greatest wish is to find his nanny.

Music ambassador delivers universal message

2012-10-11 10:54:18

In recent years, Chinese pianist Lang Lang has risen to fame in both China and the West, playing with top American orchestras.

Mo Yan earns praise for historical perspectives

2012-10-10 07:07:48

As speculations intensify over this year's Nobel Prize in literature, much attention has been focused on Mo Yan, a heavyweight on China's literary scene since the mid-1980s.

Chinese yachtsmen race for sailing's future

2012-10-03 11:08:00

China Team is gearing up for the second America's Cup World Series this week with the future of sailing in China in their hands and in the wind.

Chinese-American group honors 3 women

2012-09-29 02:54:51

The Chinese Historical Society of America recently named three Chinese-American women as its Voice and Vision 2012 honorees.

Chinese actresses get short shrift in new Hollywood epics

2012-09-29 01:11:37

The latest sign of a Chinese invasion in Hollywood is a string of performances so short, you'll miss them if you blink.

Profiles of a changing China

2012-09-28 10:59:47

In an essay about Tibetan youth, featured in Chinese Characters: Profiles of Fast-Changing Lives in a Fast-Changing Land, a young man faces a deep crisis.