Chinese design on display in NY

2013-10-04 12:15:55

Five Chinese amateur curators successfully organized and pulled off China & US Architecture and Space Arts Cultural Exchange Week in New York City on Sept 23-29.

Artists talk about life on NY's streets

2013-10-01 02:44:51

Every morning around 8 am, Zhao Xiaopeng sets up his easels and unfolds a portable stool and chairs on a sidewalk in Times Square.

Through a glass - brightly

2013-09-30 11:05:14

It's a shame that so many great techniques disappeared: Zhang

'Urban Accordion' vies for space in New York

2013-09-27 11:55:27

A group of 12 friends/co-workers currently scattered across New York, the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Thailand are collaborating to design a dream "accordion-style" city that may be showcased in New York next summer.

Schell looks at what makes today's China tick

2013-09-27 11:47:58

China's modern history is messy, to say the least. As Orville Schell puts it, "It looks like a series of dead ends, failures, unsuccessful reforms, and halted resolutions." Despite 30-plus years as a China scholar and journalist, Schell admits, "I hadn't been able to really make sense out of it."

Gary Lucas will play blues-tinged Chinese pop tunes

2013-09-27 11:47:58

The Grammy-nominated songwriter and guitarist will perform songs including Old Dreams, Night in Shanghai and Songstress on the Edge of Heaven.

East meets West, musically

2013-09-25 10:46:18

Two days before the Beauty of China, Show the World concert would debut in New York, a young Italian conductor, a 60-piece American orchestra and a 74-year-old Chinese pianist were working out their grooves.

Chinese dance troupe graces new UN stamp

2013-09-24 10:48:30

The stamp depicts the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe performing the Buddha with a Thousand Hands dance.

Worries linger despite apology on GM rice test

2013-09-21 09:07:40

Parents of students in central China who took part in a joint China-US test of genetically modified rice said they still worry about possible negative impacts of the GM food on their children.

Asian arts grants to broaden reach

2013-09-20 15:55:02

Since Jeff Leung Chin Fung arrived in June for an arts residency in New York, he has seen the gay pride parade, witnessed the Fourth of July fireworks, lain in Prospect Park and enjoyed reading in the Brooklyn Public Library.

Whimsical fabric installation inspired by China's past

2013-09-20 15:55:02

As a child in China's lovely Fuzhou, or "Banyan City," the artist Li Ma found refuge within the branches of a massive banyan tree near her home.

Detroit symphony is in NYC

2013-09-20 15:55:02

In 1908, the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler wrote "The Song of the Earth," an orchestral piece inspired by his reading of Hans Bethge's then recently published volume of translated Tang Dynasty-era Chinese poetry, "The Chinese Flute."