20 Silicon Valley techies win Chunhui bid

2013-09-17 11:10:16

Silicon Valley's growing number of Chinese entrepreneurs has turned the technology hub into a branch venue for an annual Beijing-based contest.

Saluting a living legend: modern piano composer Wang Jianzhong

2013-09-13 11:44:56

"Nationalism, music for the People, and revolutionary in nature," said Wang Jianzhong, referring to the three principles of music composition during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76).

Chinese Tomatoes 'newsies' help communities connect

2013-09-13 11:44:56

A group of Chinese Americans who are K-through-12 students during the day, have another identity after school - they're reporters for a website called Chinese Tomatoes.

Economist calls for global Marshall Plan and currency

2013-09-13 11:44:56

In June 2008, Justin Yifu Lin had barely settled into his new post as the first World Bank chief economist from the developing world, when the global financial system collapsed.

Chinese scientist helps find oil

2013-09-13 11:44:56

An international team of scientists has created a tool to precisely pinpoint where petroleum and gas reserves have accumulated beneath the earth.

Yao Ming launches new wine

2013-09-13 11:44:56

As China's growing middle class continues to appreciate wine, former Chinese NBA star and now Napa Valley winemaker Yao Ming is eyeing a full-court press on this newly emerging group of wine drinkers by launching a new tier of wines on the Chinese market this week.

Zhu goes on the record - in English

2013-09-10 11:21:24

The book launch party for the English edition ofZhu Rongji on the Record: The Road to Reform 1991-97was held at the Chinese Consulate General in New York on Monday.

Philanthropic China Fashion Night debuts in New York

2013-09-09 10:55:49

The night was a coming out party, a celebration of pioneering work, and a grand act of philanthropy. It was a melding of ancient and modern, and East meets West.

It's a girl! DC panda cub thrives

2013-09-06 12:10:15

On a sunny Thursday morning, Tian Tian, the male panda who just turned 16 on Aug 27, sat on the grass at the Smithsonian's National Zoo facing visitors.

Modern, traditional artist gets highlighted

2013-09-06 11:39:20

An exhibition of large-scale ink paintings on rice paper by contemporary Chinese artist Wu Tianyu opened at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in California.

Chinese parents go it alone for kids' camps

2013-09-06 11:39:20

China's bourgeoning multibillion-dollar overseas education business has seen another surge in young students traveling to the US for summer camps.

Red Obsession documents China's wine fervor

2013-09-06 11:39:20

The 76-minute documentary first chronicles the history of Bordeaux, France, which is considered one of the finest wine-producing regions, and then delves into its relationship with China.