Dressed for success

2013-01-25 07:56:46

New York based designer Vivienne Tam has been inspired by Chinese cosmological elements for her latest collection.

Backstreet Boys kick off world tour in China

2013-01-22 22:16:30

Backstreet boy band was in Beijing to announce the start of its 20th anniversary world tour in China this May.

First notes on orchestra's record tour

2013-01-21 11:51:11

The China National Symphony Orchestra kicked off the most ambitious US tour in its 56-year history.

On Pulitzers and peppers flipping the bird

2013-01-13 08:30:11

When American political cartoonist Joel Pett toured China in 2012, the highlight, not surprisingly, was the chance to meet fellow cartoonists.

Operatic dream blossoms

2013-01-12 08:25:52

Music has taken Tan Dun from busking on Manhattan streets to an Academy Award, but his love of traditional Chinese culture, especially gardens and Kunqu Opera, has been constant.

Capturing a city's complex lives in stark images

2013-01-11 12:22:35

Eleven of the world's 50 biggest cities are in China, but most Americans would be hard-pressed to name more than three.

Uniting writers from disparate lands

2013-01-11 12:22:35

When novelist and poet ling Nieh arrived at the University of Iowa's prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop in 1964, she was one of only a few international students in a predominantly American group of young writers.

Dedicated support

2013-01-11 07:21:20

Edwin Fisher is on a mission to promote peer groups for diabetics across the world and has found great interest in China.

A real character

2013-01-11 07:21:20

Charmed by Chinese on a visit to Taiwan in 1972, Richard Sears has dedicated decades to researching the ancient language.

Librarians bound to preserve what they value: books

2012-12-21 15:06:07

With digital devices pushing printed books closer to obsolescence, the art of bindery may seem quaint.

Musical Mulan drums up excitement

2012-12-21 15:06:07

The legend of Hua Mulan, a young peasant girl who disguises herself as a man to take the place of her ailing father in combat, was first immortalized in the 6th-century Chinese poem Ballad of Mulan, which reads in part:

Wang Qishan attends JCCT

2012-12-21 15:06:07

Senior Chinese and US offcials announced progress at the 23rd session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, held in Washington on Wednesday. the JCCT is a major forum for the two sides to address issues in trade and investment.