Asiana Air 214 victim's family files lawsuit

2014-08-15 12:11:21

The family of Ye Mengyuan, who survived the crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco but was later killed by being run over by two emergency vehicles, said on Wednesday that they are suing the City of San Francisco, claiming rescue crews violated her constitutional right to life.

Film director honored in NYC

2014-08-15 12:11:21

Hong Kong director Patrick Lung Kong, who has inspired other Chinese contemporary directors like John Woo and Tsui Hark, will be honored by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York with a nine-film screening series.

Swimmer nabs silver at Gay Games in the US

2014-08-15 12:11:21

The only Chinese citizen taking part in the Gay Games in the United States won a silver medal on Monday.

Film director honored in NYC

2014-08-15 07:37:05

Hong Kong director Patrick Lung Kong—who has inspired other Chinese contemporary directors like John Woo and Tsui Hark—will be honored by the Museum of the Moving Image in New York with a nine-film screening series that will feature some of his rare films imported from Hong Kong.

Enter the dragon - the wax dragon

2014-08-14 02:13:44

Martial arts film icon Bruce Lee made his Times Square debut in New York — in the form of wax.

Ebola collaboration urged

2014-08-13 10:36:50

With teams of researchers and medical experts in West Africa, the US and China should concentrate their efforts on working together to combat the Ebola epidemic, showing that the two countries can cooperate for the common good, experts said.

Chinese fans mourn beloved star

2014-08-13 07:39:24

Tributes poured in from Chinese film lovers on Tuesday after the death of US actor and comedian Robin Williams at his home in California.

Funds raised for Yunnan quake

2014-08-11 12:32:18

Representatives of overseas Chinese organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered at a fund-raising event hosted by the Rotary International of Silicon Valley Chinese to pray and make donations for the victims of last Sunday's earthquake in Ludian, Yunnan.

Ex-consul comes back to Houston seeking talents

2014-08-11 12:32:18

More than 50 Chinese professors, scholars and students from universities in the Houston area attended a talent recruitment event hosted by Zhang Yiqun, consul for education, for a small delegation of Tongji University on Aug 8.

All-star US college hoopsters tour China

2014-08-11 12:32:18

Summer is usually the time when most college students recharge their batteries before the academic grind starts up again, but for student-athletes the offseason can often be just as busy as the regular school year.

'Hackers' compete for funds in Silicon Valley

2014-08-11 12:32:18

The word "hacker" may have a negative connotation, conjuring images of identity thieves and cyber spies, but a "hackathon" is an event where computer whizzes get together and develop awesome problem-solving projects against the clock.

Let the games begin!

2014-08-11 12:32:18

"It is my honor and pleasure to welcome all of you to join the 12th annual Chinese American Olympics of Northern California," Betty Yuan, CEO of Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation (NCCAF), announced the opening of the Chinese American Olympics at James Logan High School Stadium in Union City, California on Aug 9.