Four-nation talks on Afghan peace process kicks off in Kabul

Updated: 2016-02-23 15:27


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KABUL -- The fourth round of the key Quadrilateral meeting on Afghan peace process and preparing roadmap to find political solution to the lingering Afghan crisis kicked off in Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday.

"The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan would spare no efforts to ensure embracing lasting peace and honorable peace to the country," Afghan foreign minister Salahudin Rabbani said in his opening remarks.

Rabanni also hoped that the four-nation talks could help facilitate the direct talks with authorized representatives of the Taliban and Afghan government.

The third round of the four-nation talks was held in Islamabad on Feb. 6 with calling upon the Taliban to join the peace process.

The fourth round of the key four-nation talks which include Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States of America have reportedly planned to announce the roadmap for bringing the Taliban into negotiating table with Afghan government to find negotiated settlement to the lingering Afghan crisis.

Afghan officials are hopeful that the fourth round of the four-nation talks could set a date for holding direct dialogue between Afghan government and Taliban militants.

The hardliner Taliban militants, however, have yet to express any green light to join the peace talks.