Chan's rags-to-riches comedy tops 200m yuan

Updated: 2013-05-24 11:20


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BEIJING - Hong Kong director Peter Chan's "American Dreams in China" has topped 200 million yuan ($32.6 million) at the mainland's box office as of Thursday, the film's distributor We Pictures announced.

Against the backdrop of China's social changes in 30 years since the reform and opening-up policy, the film follows three Chinese men from different backgrounds who find fortune and happiness after establishing an English language training business.

Since its Friday debut, the film has won acclaim from critics and businessmen alike, but has also been scolded by some for over-trumpeting the value of success.

On Thursday, Chan said the film, by telling a story of success, focused on "dreams that are empowered by persistence."

He said, "This film is not made for those who succeed. As it's told in the film, a dream is something that makes you happy when you keep on struggling for it. It's the process that counts, and it's for the 99 percent that are ordinary people instead of the one percent of successful ones."

Quoting the film's script, Chan said, "For an ordinary man, the most important thing is not success, but the maintenance of dignity."