New niche market: Affordable smartphones

2011-12-26 13:53:30

Since its debut, the 1,999 yuan ($312.3) Mi-One, the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phones, has attracted great attention in China. The 1.5-gigahertz (GHz) dual-core device has a superior hardware combination and runs at a speed faster than most flagship mobile phones produced by well-known brands.

City to aid in Foxconn's recruiting

2011-12-26 09:54:45

Zhengzhou will help Foxconn recruit more than 100,000 workers next year for its local factory.

New Year to bring investors little assurance

2011-12-26 11:14:42

The charts suggest there is a high probability 2012 will be a replay of 2008 as markets retest the 2008 lows. The conditions leading to this market fall are not the same as those that were seen before the 2007 collapse. In 2007, the markets were dominated by end-of-trend patterns, including head and shoulders and rounding tops. Markets at the end of 2011 mostly do not have these patterns. Instead, markets are being dominated by substantial increases in volatility, which are a reflection of political and economic instability.

China encourages use of yuan, yen in trade with Japan

2011-12-26 11:07:09

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Sunday told visiting Japanese Prime Minster Yoshihiko Noda that China is willing to work with Japan in promoting the direct use of their respective currencies in bilateral trade.

Families urged to rethink finances

2011-12-26 10:09:19

Chinese family wealth may grow at a lower pace next year as economic growth slows, said analysts.

Yuan strengthens to 6.3167 against per dollar

2011-12-26 10:32:32

The Chinese currency Renminbi, or the yuan, strengthened 42 basis points to 6.3167 against the US dollar on Monday, according to the China Foreign Exchange Trading System.

Conspicuous consumption of luxuries on the rise

2011-12-26 10:18:20

In China, Gossip Girl is one of the most popular fashion series to date, and the series will influence Chinese young ladies' fashion tastes

China launches super-speed test train

2011-12-26 13:36:01

China's largest rail vehicle maker, CSR Corp Ltd, over the weekend launched its first test train that features speeds reaching up to 500 km per hour.

Weak markets pose fund investment risk

2011-12-26 13:55:48

China's weak and immature equities market could pose serious difficulties for investment of the country's pension funds, but allowing the funds to enter the capital market could help improve short-term market liquidity, analysts said.

Surplus revenue is a taxing problem

2011-12-26 07:55:55

Experts say the nature of China's budgetary model is a main cause of inefficiency.

Publishing companies urged to go global

2011-12-24 10:50:27

Li Changchun called for greater efforts to build up more publishing enterprises competitive in the int'l market in an aim to promote Chinese culture.

Chinese grab luxury goods

2011-12-24 08:01:13

Chinese shoppers are spending more on luxury products abroad this Christmas, despite the current world economic downturn.