'Self-immolation Guide': desperate insanity of the Dalai clique

Updated: 2013-03-01 18:31

(China Tibet Online)

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Recently, the Dalai clique published a "Self-immolation Guide" on the Internet, openly encouraging the Tibetans within the Chinese border to "carry out self-immolations according to the plan and procedures".

"The Self-immolation Guide" demonstrates a sober attitude in scheming and arranging the cruel actions of self-immolations, which makes it stand out among many propaganda of the Dalai clique, and thus soon get intensive spotlight.

The book is published in his own name only for the "Tibetan government-in-exile" to avoid public condemnation toward its overt manipulation of self-immolations. The author of the "Instructions" is Lhamo Je, who had been a "member of the parliament" for two terms in the "parliament" of the Dalai clique and is now still on important position in its "educational system".

The "Self-immolation Guide" consists of four parts. The first part is an ideological mobilization which advocates the idea that self-immolators are "great and honorable fearless heroes" and that "both male and female heroes" should be ready at all times to sacrifice for the "just cause".

The second part gives detailed instruction on the "self-immolation preparation", including "picking important days and places", "leaving written or recorded last words", and "asking a couple of trustworthy people to help record videos and take photos".

The third part introduces the "self-immolation slogans" and instructs the self-immolators to shout "Free Tibet, let the Dalai Lama return to Tibet, and release political prisoners" and so forth, and asks them to print out the slogans into leaflets to scatter them on the spots so as to increase the impact.

The fourth part illustrates "other non-violent activities" such as "shouting loudly the campaign slogans at schools and other populated places", "making public speeches", and "filing petitions to the central government", and pints out that "it is very important to launch various activities in the fields of politics, economy, religion and culture."

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