CPC stresses corruption punishment, prevention system building

Updated: 2013-08-28 13:49


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BEIJING - The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Tuesday vowed to establish a system to punish and prevent corruption under a "grim and complicated" situation.

The whole party should maintain unity with the CPC Central Committee in both their ideas and actions, follow the central leadership's judgement of the situation and plan for a corruption fight, said an official statement released after the CPC Central Committee's Political Bureau meeting on Tuesday.

"To stop the spread of corruption should be a major task and goal for the whole party," said the statement,

The meeting stressed again to crack down on both "tigers" and "flies" in anticorruption moves and investigate violations by Party officials.

"Corruption is still a common phenomenon, the soil that nourishes corruption still exists, and the situation remains critical and complicated," the statement noted.

For the CPC, system building against corruption is a "major political task"; and for the whole society, it is a common responsibility, the statement said.

The Party must strictly discipline its members and punish corrupt officials more severely, the statement said.

To prevent corruption, the Party must start with curbing bureaucratism, formalism, hedonism and extravagance and improve officials' work style.

The statement vowed to reform the CPC discipline inspection system; innovate the anticorruption mechanism, improve the CPC multilevel supervision and inspection systems at all levels.

The exercise of power by officials must be checked and supervised to create a system, whereby officials dare not be corrupt and corruption tends not to happen, it said.

Moreover, the statement said discipline inspectors and supervision organs and staff should make themselves upright at first, be clean and honest to serve the people.