30m more homes to have fiber optic connection

Updated: 2014-03-23 07:23


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BEIJING - China plans to put fiber optic connections into 30 million more homes nationwide in this year, according to Miao Wei, minister of industry of information technology.

30m more homes to have fiber optic connection

First undersea fiber-optic cable links Fuzhou, Taiwan

30m more homes to have fiber optic connection

More to access faster Internet

The move will bring the total number of users benefited from the country's Fiber-To-The-Home program to nearly 200 million by the end of this year.

The new broadband map includes 13,800 villages.


Higher bandwidth -- 50 M to 100 M -- will come to regions with mature networks this year, while over 30 percent of total users will have 8M Internet access, he added.

Most Chinese Internet surfers connect via 2M to 4M broadband, and government support has reduced the cost per M by 50.8 percent from that of 2011.

The 4G network is also part of the plan, with 30 million new TD-LTE users and 300,000 new base stations expected this year.

China' s broadband strategy has been written into the government policy and highlights 4G mobile communications, fiber optic networks and Internet speed.