China fostering independent industrial chain for BeiDou navigation system: white paper

Updated: 2016-06-16 10:41


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BEIJING - China is establishing an industrial innovative system for its homegrown BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) and fostering "an independent BDS industrial chain", said a white paper issued on Thursday.

The country is enhancing research and development of basic products, said the document on the BDS issued by the State Council Information Office.

To make breakthroughs in key technologies, China is developing chips, modules, antennae and other basic products based on the BDS and other compatible systems, it said.

China is also promoting the establishment of an innovation system for the BDS, according to the white paper.

China encourages and supports the construction and development of key laboratories for satellite navigation application technologies, research centers of engineering, technology centers of enterprises, and other innovative bodies.

Efforts are also being made to enhance the capacity of engineering experiment platforms and achievement transformation platforms, and support relevant enterprises, it said.

The country makes more efforts to protect intellectual property rights, so as to form a technology innovation system which relies on the enterprise as the main body and combines the efforts of universities, research institutes and application, according to the white paper.

China promotes integrated industrial development, it said.

China encourages the integrated development of the BDS and Internet Plus, big data, and cloud computing, supports the integrated positioning and innovative utilization of satellite navigation together with mobile communications, WLAN, pseudo-satellites, ultra-wide band and Ad Hoc Network signals, it said.

The country promotes integrated development of satellite navigation and emerging industries such as the Internet of Things, geographic information, satellite remote sensing and communication, and mobile Internet, and encourages people to start their own businesses and make innovations, so as to vigorously upgrade the innovation capability of the industry, according to the white paper.

"China strives to enhance BDS application development, in an effort to build a BDS industrial chain which comprises the basic products, application terminals, application systems and operational services," it said.