Contemporary Chinese art exhibition showcases China's rich art scene

Updated: 2016-07-20 14:11

By Chen Yingqun(

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Contemporary Chinese art exhibition showcases China's rich art scene

A painting by Xu Li at the exhibition. Provided to China Daily

A painting exhibition that consists of the finest arts of contemporary China has attracted dozens of Chinese and Western artists, art connoisseurs, collectors and art lovers this week in Beijing.

The exhibition, which was organized by the Zhongmao CVC Arts Center, has showcased art treasures made by more than 100 Chinese artists, such as Chinese calligraphy, landscape paintings and also some oil paintings.

Xu Li, a famous Chinese painter and secretary-general of the China Artists Association, says that art is borderless and is the common spiritual homeland of human beings. With a series of his own oil paintings also on display, he says he wishes this exhibition will allow more foreigners to experience China's rich artistic heritage and the beauty of its art.

"I have visited many famous museums in Europe and appreciated many famous artists' works, and I'm glad today in Beijing, foreign friends would be able to appreciate the works of contemporary artists…I hope people would feel Chinese people's insights and feelings about art through my paintings," he says.

Li Bo, Chairman of the Zhongmao Group, the mother company of the Zhongmao CVC Arts Center says that the company has made great effort in developing the culture industry. The company has now entered several overseas markets, to connect China's culture industry with the Western culture sector.

Philip Hoffman, CEO of the Fine Art Group, a British art investment and advisory house, says that China is one of the most important art markets in the world, and it is a fast-growing art market.

He said that the Chinese exhibition was very beautiful, and as there are more international exchanges in art, more Chinese collectors will also be interested in major artists from America, Britain and Germany. as they seek to expand their collections.

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