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Updated: 2013-07-10 08:09

(China Daily)

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"I support this. It's not necessary to give students in grades one and two homework, because their workload is not big, and we could cultivate other interests, or let them take part in social activities. Besides, there's no need for them to attend cram school."

Li Jiangao, 48, an employee at a US company

"Students in grades one and two should not be given homework. They should learn at school, not at home. They should attend classes to develop other interests. As for cram schools, they're not worthwhile and cost a lot of money."

Li Jibin, 46, an employee at an advertising company

"This should be done on a voluntary basis. It's not necessary to force every school or student to follow the same rules. They can decide by themselves whether or not to attend a cram school."

Zeng Chuan, 27, designer

"These students should be asked to do a small amount of homework. I'm a student, and I know they may spend a lot of time on playing or surfing the Internet. However, it is not necessary to demand all students participate in a cram school."

Bao Zhongrui, 16, a senior middle school student

(China Daily USA 07/10/2013 page6)