How to fight obesity

Updated: 2013-01-25 10:02

(China Daily)

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Many white-collar workers in China are either overweight or obese because of the sedentary nature of their work. The more work they have in office the greater the chances of their putting on weight. Inadequate sleep, and irregular and unhealthy dietary habits add to their problem. Up to 62 percent people who responded to a survey said many of their co-workers were overweight or obese because of overwork, says an article in Beijing Youth Daily. Excerpts:

Obesity has become widespread among white-collar workers in recent years. The malaise of obesity mirrors a part of social reality: fierce competition, rapid social and economic mobility, heavy pressure of work, emotional stress and mental fatigue.

Efficient and smart management is the guide to make the best use of employees and resources. But many employers are driven by profits and put unnecessary pressure on their workers in an attempt to extract the best out of them even at the cost of their health. Many white-collar workers have to endure the anxiety and pressure of their unstable position and fight to survive in the workplace.

Fierce competition will distort people's values and aim in life. To keep a job or strive for promotion or increment in salary, many people become machines.

To beat obesity, white-collar workers have to not only switch to a regular and healthy diet, but also get adequate exercise and sleep. And more importantly, the government has to change the workplace environment and labor rights protection rules to ensure a healthy workforce.

(China Daily 01/25/2013 page9)