Chinese Dream belongs to the world

Updated: 2013-05-20 19:15


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Former French Premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin compared the Chinese Dream to a vision that encapsulates a society in harmony and development, basically the mainstream view of the dream, says an article in People's Daily (excerpts below).

The progress of human civilization is a result of people's pursuing their dreams.

World history has never seen a country with a population of 1.3 billion marching so confidently, steadily and rapidly to realize its dream of renewal. In this sense, the realization of the Chinese Dream will mark a major stride for global modernization.

China is more active than ever before in global affairs.

China's economic growth is the highest among the five biggest economies. The inflation rate, fiscal deficit as a share of GDP and unemployment rate are the lowest among the five.

China speaks for developing countries in international issues, such as climate change and trade protectionism and is helping Africa achieve its potential.

The West should adapt to China's new role and its beneficial influence on the modern world.