Shanghai's innovation trend

Updated: 2015-06-02 07:39

(China Daily)

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The Shanghai government recently published a series of concrete measures to accelerate its building into a globally influential center for technological innovation.

The 22 measures, a reflection of Shanghai's intensified efforts to simplify administrative procedures and delegate power to lower levels of government, as well as its innovative approach to institutional reforms and creations in science, education, fiscal, taxation, and financial areas, are a road map and a timetable for technological innovation.

Some intellectual and technological circles have long complained of redundant administrative approval procedures for the conversion of research fruits into practical use. Studies indicate the unreasonable returns from research, the failure to adapt the government management system to market conditions, as well as the lack of a marketized input mechanism and a sound industrial and innovation chain, are hindering the country's innovation efforts.

Shanghai's latest move, if implemented, will help address some deep-rooted problems that lie in the way of its technological progress.

A good technological environment does not come from government planning, however well-devised, or with fiscal support; it is based on the release of technological potential through institutional reforms. Advanced productivity is free from the control of government power and human will.

We have long admired the innovative culture of other countries, but we should also realize that behind such a culture are their efforts to cultivate it through government self-restraint and full respect for the market. Obsolete systems and mechanisms will not only shackle technological productivity, but also form cultural and ideological fetters.

Shanghai's plan to build itself into an innovative center is expected to start the process of China freeing itself of such shackles through reforms of governance.

The above is an abridgement of a People's Daily article published on Friday.