Competition good for movies

Updated: 2016-08-26 07:20

(China Daily)

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Competition good for movies

A man walks past movie posters in a mainland cinema. Industry experts have allayed worries that there may be a bubble in the mainland's red-hot film industry. [Photo/provided to China Daily]

It has never been officially confirmed, but it is widely recognized that domestic films are carefully protected from foreign competitors every summer.

However, the recent showing of Jason Bourne and Ice Age: Collision Course, on Chinese screens may herald the end of the monopoly Chinese films have traditionally enjoyed during the summer holidays.

In fact, the crusade launched by foreign films into the Chinese market did not start with these two foreign blockbusters. Imported foreign films such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze, The Legend of Tarzan and Triple 9 were also in Chinese cinemas as early as July.

Their screening indicates the decades-long unofficial protection of domestic movies during the July-August period is gradually coming to an end. Rather than threatening the development and progress of the domestic film industry, the introduction of such kind of competition will help promote it.

However, the domestic film sector does need certain protection. Moderate protection does not mean completely closing the domestic market to foreign films. A closed-door approach will only hamper the healthy development of domestic films.

To pursue its development and progress, China's film industry still needs to learn from its foreign counterparts. Excessive protection will not empower sheep to confront a wolf in any case.

One cannot become a running champion by always racing with a snail. Similarly, domestic films cannot become powerful if they always fear the competition from foreign blockbusters. As a memorandum of understanding between China and the United States on the film industry is due to expire next year, the domestic film industry should be prepared for possibly more competition.

Only with good content and technology will Chinese movies win the approval of audiences.--China Youth Daily