Lost in Danxia of various ages

Updated: 2012-09-25 16:50


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Lost in Danxia of various ages

Adolescence - Taining of Fujian

Taining, in southeast China's Fujian province, is the only representative from the Valley Danxia Landform, with an area of 252.7 square kilometers. To scan the beauty of Taining Danxia, visitors need to first cross the graceful Dajin Lake. The Danxia cave is a wonder in Taining. Caves vary from large to small, gathering in groups. The Zhuangyuan Trough-shaped Cave is a typical representative of Taining Danxia caves. The arc-shaped cave is about one hundred meters long, winding and beautiful. The Ganlu Temple is thousands of years old, and was built in the cave and looks like it's a part of nature itself.

Transportation: Shaowu city, Jiangle county, Jianning county, Wuyishan Ciyu of Fujian province and Lichuan county in Jiangxi province all have direct buses going to Taining.

Accommodations: There are many hotels around town, and the Taining Post Hotel and Jinhu Hotel are recommended.