Lost in Danxia of various ages

Updated: 2012-09-25 16:50


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Lost in Danxia of various ages

Post adolescence - Danxia Mountain of Guangdong

Danxia Mountain in Guangdong province is the world's most typically developed and most abundant Danxia landform. It is also the first to be discovered. Danxia Mountain is divided into two parts by the Jin River: Changlao Mountain Scenic Spot and Yangyuan Mountain Scenic Spot. Once entering the front gate, the red mountains will impress visitors with its unique landscape features.

Transportation: Get off on Jingzhu Highway at the Maba Exit and drive along the 106 National Highway to Danxia Mountain.

Accommodations: Tourism at Danxia Mountain is well developed, so there are various hotels. Hotels at Yangyuan Mountain Scenic Spot are the best choice for visitors who plan to watch the sunrise.

Delicacies: Peasant restaurants are centered at the Changlao Mountain Scenic Spot. They offer many kinds of specialties.