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Updated: 2015-01-26 07:31

By Yang Feiyue(China Daily)

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Complex reasons

The reasons behind the under-developed public toilet system in China are complex.

Some scenic spots are in suburban areas and far away from sewage-treating facilities. There are also no underground pipelines in hilly areas at the moment. Both incur higher costs, Liu says.

In addition, some scenic spots have difficulties in choosing toilet sites, because of potential bad smells. Most scenic spots rely on ticket sales for revenue, which is mostly used up in maintenance of such sites, rather than in the expansion of facilities.

"The government should take the lead in improving toilet construction and offer a fiscal subsidy," Liu adds.

Until now, public toilets at renowned tourist sites, including the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, are rated three or four stars. Tourist restrooms will have their star ratings changed if they fail to pass corresponding standards during inspection, according to him.

Russian Alex Mazower, who has worked in Beijing for a year, says change is underway. "It has become easier for me to find a toilet in a tourist site, compared to even a year ago."

Zhang Xuan contributed to this story.

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