Chinese rank US No 1 road trip destination

Updated: 2015-01-26 10:32

By Zheng Xin in Beijing(China Daily USA)

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An average sedan is still the most sought after vehicle when renting a car overseas, the choice of 43.74 percent of the interviewees. However, the luxury vehicles still witnessed an increase from the 2.5 percent in 2013 to 4.22 percent in 2014, an 84.4 percent increase, said the report.

Figures from show that 30.6 percent of the outbound visitors in 2014 prefer self-driving.

However, to come up with the notary for the Chinese driving license has become the top one restraining factor, with 72.62 percent of the interviewees saying they find it a bother, followed by the cost and road conditions, said

The United States also ranked second in service satisfaction, after Thailand and ahead of Canada, with its vast railroad network, picturesque regions, the convenience to car rental places and its vast freedom to reach places one would otherwise not bother visiting.

A recent report by China Tourism Academy says that the United States has been voted the third overall most satisfactory destination for Chinese outbound tourists, after Italy and Singapore, with its urban image, services of the foreign agencies, local transportation, including coaches, trains, taxis and buses, as well as the Chinese-friendly services.

Experts and insiders believe the extension of visa validity from one to 10 years for short-term business and leisure visitors is an important milestone in advancing America's ability to attract the Chinese travelers.

President Barack Obama announced that China and the United States had reached an agreement on a reciprocal 10-year visa that allows multiple entries for tourists and businessmen, during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting held in Beijing.

According to a White House spokesman, the new visa policy will bring more tourists from China, invite more Chinese investment in the US and create more job opportunities in the states. It is estimated that by 2021, 7.3 million Chinese will travel to the US, which will bring an annual revenue of $85 billion and 440,000 jobs to the country.

"This reciprocal agreement between China and the United States allows flexibility for the traveler and because of that, makes the US a more attractive destination," said Arne Sorenson, president and CEO of Marriott International.

"The visa extension will make it much easier for both Chinese and Americans to discover each other's countries and culture."

Chinese tourists remain the biggest spenders on travels overseas and the largest outbound travel market, with the number of outbound Chinese tourists reaching 97.3 million people in 2013, a 20 percent rise over 2012.

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