A relationship beyond realm of diplomacy

Updated: 2015-05-07 10:38

By Muhammad Nawaz Sharif(chinadaily.com.cn)

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The understanding reached between the two countries during the visit of His Excellency Xi Jinping to Pakistan for further strengthening economic and defense ties between the two countries and the resolve to maintain continued dialogue and consultations on further reinforcing the strategic cooperation, is a source of great encouragement for Pakistan. Equally inspiring for us is the Chinese endorsement of our quest in regards to the mainstreaming our efforts for the cause of non-proliferation, engagement with Nuclear Suppliers Group and the bid for full membership of SCO. Our unanimous views on activating and strengthening of regional and international mechanisms for peace and security, reforms in the UN in recognition of the interests of the member countries and the establishment of a judicious world order, provide a nourishing ingredient to tree of friendship between the two countries. The stability and economic prosperity of Asia, stretching from the plains of the Caucasus to the shores of the Arabian Sea and the Pacific, to a great extent is dependent on strong and vibrant ties between Pakistan and China.

President Xi Jinping has inspired not only the people of China, but also the developing world, with his visionary enunciation of the “Chinese Dream of National Rejuvenation”. We share this vision of peace and prosperity for the region and welcome his emphasis on engaging with China’s neighboring countries in a spirit of win-win cooperation. This is why we are fully supportive of the Chinese President’s concept of the “New Asian Security.” Pakistan feels that the Chinese initiative to set up Asian Infrastructure Bank (AIIB) is really a positive step towards realization of that concept. Infrastructure is the most important ingredient in kick starting the process of sustained economic growth in any country. Most of the Asian countries do not have the basic infrastructure to further their economic ambitions and they also lack the necessary resources to develop it. AIIB would greatly contribute to making available resources for infrastructure development on less stringent conditions than the other international lending institutions. It would encourage a healthy competition among the lending financial institutions and the borrowing countries would be in a better bargaining position to secure the required loans. Pakistan views this effort on part of China as an important step towards the creation of regional linkages, economic interdependence and eventually economic integration of the Asian countries which could prove a harbinger for peace in the entire continent.

Relations with China are the corner stone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. They have withstood the vicissitudes of time and have continued to maintain an upward graph since their inception in 1951. China has contributed in a big way to nudging economic progress in Pakistan, rendered invaluable support and assistance to her to enhance its defence capabilities and extended unqualified support on issues of concern to her. Pakistan has also been instrumental to ending China’s isolation, rapprochement with USA and facilitating its permanent seat in the UN Security Council. It has been an ardent supporter of ‘One China Policy’. The ties between the two countries are beyond the realm of normal diplomatic ties. The hall mark of the bonds between the two countries is that it is a people-to-people bonhomie; a relationship of hearts and minds. The characterization of Pakistan as ‘Iron Friend’ by President Xi Jin Ping says it all. The feeling is mutual.

Long live Pakistan-China Friendship

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