Unusual but true: Japan's bridge a nightmare for drivers

Updated: 2015-05-15 07:49


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Why telling the secret to someone you trust is better than keeping it bottled up; a bridge takes drivers on a roller-coaster ride; 90-year-old tortoise gets new wheels; man finds novel way to smuggle son; actress climbs wall to marry prince. Interesting, red-hot and downright odd anecdotes from around the world in our news review of the week.

Sharing secrets good for your health

Unusual but true: Japan's bridge a nightmare for drivers

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A new research from Columbia Business School claims that the act of keeping a secret not only increases the mental pressure, but also hurts the health.

It is similar to being encumbered by a physical weight which can drain you energy, use up motivational resources.

A secret can preoccupy your mind and make simple tasks appear more difficult, the more you think about it, the more you use personal, intellectual and motivational resources, and your performance can suffer.

Experts indicated that one of the best ways can help restore your motivation is to simply get the burden off your chest and tell the secret to someone you trust.

Anonymous hotlines provide a way for those without a confidant to reveal the secret. And you can write your secret down as well, expert suggested.

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