Chile's president launches measures to combat corruption

Updated: 2015-05-15 10:56


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Chile's president launches measures to combat corruption

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet (C) gives a speech during a ceremony where a package of measures to control the relationship between politics and business was launched, at the La Moneda Palace, in Santiago, Chile, May 11, 2015. [Photo/IC]

SANTIAGO -- Chilean President Michelle Bachelet on Thursday initiated 14 administrative measures here to promote greater transparency and avoid corruption.

At a ceremony held at the government headquarters in Santiago, Bachelet highlighted the importance of the measures to "rebuild confidence" in public institutions and "protect the welfare of our democracy," following recent corruption scandals.

"We know that bad practices don't just harm people and damage the dignity of politics and business, but also erode the public's faith and the legitimacy of our social pact," she said.

The measures include publishing a list of registered lobbyists and a code of good practices to regulate lobbying, and establishing a system to prevent money laundering and corruption in public services.

School curriculums will include a Citizen Education Plan and Civic Education at the secondary level.

In addition, the government established a presidential manual on the declaration of assets and conflicts of interest, guidelines for all municipalities for the proper use of resources, and regulations on public-sector purchases.

Last week, Bachelet asked her entire cabinet to hand in their resignations amid a crisis of credibility sparked by scandals in her government, including one involving her son.

The conservative opposition party has been mired in scandals of its own due to a corruption scheme that allowed big businesses to declare tax deductible expenses in exchange for financing election campaigns. Some 50 deputies and 13 senators have been implicated.