Charlie Sheen snubbed from show's return?

2011-04-29 09:52:57

'Two And a Half Men' creator Chuck Lorre is planning to relaunch the sitcom without Charlie Sheen.

Michael Jackson getting Vegas attraction

2011-04-29 09:51:27

Cirque du Soleil are to recreate Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Las Vegas.

William and Kate in final royal wedding rehearsal

2011-04-28 17:09:45

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended their final wedding rehearsal at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday as the armed forces, media organizations and spectators prepared for the couple's big day.

Katie Holmes settles libel suit on drugs claim

2011-04-28 16:41:13

Holmes reached a settlement in her $50 mln defamation lawsuit against Star over an article that falsely suggested she was a drug addict.

Paris Hilton, boyfriend accosted at LA courthouse

2011-04-28 16:26:02

Police arrested a man who tried to grab the boyfriend of Paris Hilton as the couple arrived Wednesday at a courthouse.

Mark Wahlberg making film with Justin Bieber

2011-04-28 15:08:18

Mark Wahlberg has called Justin Bieber "really talented" and said the pair have already started working together on a project with Hollywood studio Paramount.

Diana Ross could raise Jackson's kids

2011-04-28 15:07:14

Diana Ross will get custody of Michael Jackson's children if their grandmother Katherine Jackson dies.

Rockers arrive to make a noise

2011-04-28 07:55:51

In a whirlwind of raucous rock, the capital celebrates the arrival of the warm weather with three of Beijing's biggest music festivals, drawing international and local talent.

Classic film scores reenacted in Beijing

2011-04-27 14:50:27

The Italian cinema orchestra, together with Chinese singers, presented film scores of classic Chinese and foreign movies during a symphony concert.

Katie Couric confirms she leaving 'CBS Evening News'

2011-04-27 13:07:44

Katie Couric said on Tuesday she is stepping down, as expected, as anchor of the "CBS Evening News."

Elton John to find out son's real father

2011-04-27 13:06:36

Sir Elton John has announced he will find out who his son's biological father is.

Lindsay Lohan in TV chat blames youth for woes

2011-04-27 13:02:00

Actress Lindsay Lohan got a standing ovation when she made her first TV outing since spending five hours in jail last week.