Hilary Duff pregnant with first child

2011-08-15 09:21:13

Hilary Duff and her husband are expecting their first child.

Film 'Cowboys and Aliens' premieres at O2 Arena in London

2011-08-12 09:08:28

U.S. actor Harrison Ford poses for photographs as he arrives for the British premiere of "Cowboys and Aliens" at the O2 Arena in London August 11, 2011.

Jessica Alba ready to meet baby

2011-08-12 13:16:29

Jessica Alba is to give birth in the coming weeks and is very excited to meet the child because she has already bonded with the tot.

Vanessa Hudgens seen kissing guitarist

2011-08-12 13:13:23

Vanessa Hudgens was seen making out with the Swedish rocker Felix Rodriguez who plays with indie band The Sounds.

Anthony Keidis closer to his dad because of son

2011-08-12 13:12:50

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Keidis says having a son helped him forgive his own father for his mistakes.

Kim Kardashian keeping calm about wedding

2011-08-12 11:55:07

Kim Kardashian is "really calm" about her forthcoming wedding.

Kate Hudson has busy life with kids

2011-08-12 11:51:16

Kate Hudson thinks it is difficult to juggle her work and family commitments, but insists she would never complain about it.

Eva Mendes is proud to eat bread

2011-08-12 11:50:58

Eva Mendes doesn't shy away from carbohydrates although she does make sure they're the healthy kind.

Gwyneth Paltrow has phone handset for radiation

2011-08-12 11:50:21

The actress owns a YUBZ Retro Handset which she attaches to her BlackBerry rather than hold the handset to her ear.

KISS star Paul Stanley becomes a dad again

2011-08-12 11:49:57

The singer-and-guitarist and his wife Erin welcomed a daughter into the world in Los Angeles on Tuesday (09.08.11).

Geri Halliwell's ex determined to win her back

2011-08-12 11:49:31

Geri Halliwell's ex-boyfriend Banker Henry Beckwith has taken time off work to try and get back with her.

Legendary beauty Vivien Leigh

2011-08-12 10:26:43

Legendary beauty Vivien Leigh's old photos.